2021 Fundraising Ideas to Maximize Donations This Year With Innovairre

Mark Schulhof

June 20, 2021

2021 Fundraising Ideas to Maximize Donations This Year With Innovairre

Innovairre, a global fundraising organization, provides insight into increasing donations for your nonprofit organization.


Giving your donation page an overhaul and hosting a social media challenge are just two ways to gain traction and reinvigorate your giving campaigns. Keep reading to benefit from the advice of Innovairre, which provides agency, digital marketing and many other services for nonprofits.


  1. Innovairre Leaders Advise Rethinking Your Donation Page

Review your donation page and ask yourself the following questions:


  • Are there external links that take visitors off your site?


  • Do you make it easy for donors to give you money in a few clicks?


  • Do visitors get the same experience on mobile devices and computers?


  • Do you have a monthly giving plan prominently displayed?


Working with Innovairre gives you access to web designers, digital marketers and other professionals to improve the user experience on your donation page and throughout your website.


  1. Matching Campaigns Double Your Money, According to Innovairre

Donors love matching campaigns. They know that a corporation or angel donor will match their gifts. Also, donors give up to 50% more per person during matching campaigns. So, you make even more for your worthy cause.


Look through grant databases or approach local businesses to put funds together for a matching campaign. This is a great public relations strategy for local businesses, national organizations and repeat donors looking to build their reputation. Additionally, Innovairre matching strategies provide insights into how to put your data to work when sending out appeals for special events such as matching campaigns.


  1. Innovairre Insights on Social Media Campaigns

Social media allows your team to engage potential donors in fun ways. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok to raise awareness for your cause between fundraising campaigns and to encourage repeat donations from people who enjoy your content.


For example, you can challenge users to raise money with their own innovative ideas and offer prizes for the freshest social media campaign. This may even give you ideas to launch a regional or national campaign based on ideas from your online communities. Think Ice Bucket Challenge and other fun posts that make participants smile and inspire them to donate.


  1. Create a Recurring Gift Campaign, Innovairre Leaders Stress

According to the 2019 Fundraising Effectiveness Project (FEP), just 43% of donors continued giving patterns from 2017 to 2018. It costs a lot more to get new donors than it does to keep your current ones. With recurring gift campaigns, you can make it easier for donors to set it and forget it as far as their donations go.


This is particularly important for nonprofits that are only making modest year over year gains. Innovairre helps your internal team use AI to reach and energize your stagnant users.


  1. Tap Corporations to Sponsor Fundraisers With the Help of Innovairre

If you would like to expand existing corporate partnerships or build new ones, this is a great way to increase the profile of your organization while raising money. Corporations already have dozens or hundreds of potential donors who are willing to participate in 5K’s and other events to raise money for worthy causes.


Typically, corporations will also match the funds raised or offer a donation as part of their public relations or corporate giving programs. This creates multiple revenue channels to help you maximize your fundraising.


Corporate campaigns with your charitable organization give employees, donors and other partners an opportunity to create new relationships. These events also typically generate a lot of goodwill for the corporation and boost employee morale for a multi-win effort that works for everyone.


Innovairre is in the business of helping people who help people. Partnering with this organization can provide new ideas and help you generate cash for your nonprofit organization.