Innovairre Discusses How to Entice Donors to Support Your Organization

Mark Schulhof

July 12, 2021

Innovairre Discusses How to Entice Donors to Support Your Organization

Innovairre recently discussed how to entice donors to support your organization.


Innovairre has been perfecting entrepreneurship and social activism for years. Innovairre is the world leader in fundraising and supporting agencies and nonprofits. Working in this industry has made the company an expert in seeking donors to support organizations in need. They’re excited to share what they’ve learned with those who could use this information to benefit their organizations.


Multiple simple tactics can be used to entice donors to support your organization. One of the first ways is to be as transparent as possible. It’s essential that donors trust your organization and know exactly where their money is going. They need to know that their donation will make a difference.


Your donors want to have a relationship with you and your organization. You can do this by giving them feedback about the good their donation causes. You may also want to ask them for their feedback and opinion on your organization and its tactics. This can make your donors feel more involved while helping you adjust for superior success in the future.


You need to let your donors know that your organization is going to change the world. You may start by making a small impact, but that impact can become much larger over time. Make sure your donors know that you and your organization are thinking big.


Many nonprofit organizations begin with the goal of making a small impact on a local community. However, a small impact on some people can lead to them making an impact on others. This is often how a small organization becomes a major influence. Your donors will be eager to contribute more funding when they see the massive impact those dollars are making.


A major part of enticing donors to support your organization is excellent communication and sales capabilities. This is absolutely essential. You must not be afraid to sell your organization to your donors. Remind them of possible upgrades, ask them to increase their support, or offer benefits for giving a certain amount of money.


An Innovairre executive explained that these are common sales tactics in many industries, and they work the same for nonprofits and other organizations in need of funding. Examples of sales tactics used for acquiring donations include monthly giving programs, new campaigns, and matching gifts, which tend to inspire even larger gifts.


You will be far less likely to receive donations if you don’t ask. Many times, donors simply need a reminder, and other times, this is an opportunity for you to use those well-honed sales capabilities.


Your current donors are who are carrying your business right now. High-dollar donors may require in-person meetings while lower-dollar donors are typically contacted via email or phone call. It’s important to understand your donors and the best ways to influence them.”


Innovairre experts explained the No. 1 reason why donors upgrade their donations is because they are asked. Go ahead and ask, you may be surprised by how eager they are to give a little more.